15:21 | 15.04.20 | News | 13945

Viva-MTS has launched 4 mobile service centers for delivery in Yerevan and 10 more vehicles in the regions of Armenia

With the strategic role of the mobile communication in mind Viva-MTS has launched 14 mobile service centers, 4 of which will be operating in Yerevan and another 10 in the regions of Armenia – one vehicle per region. The delivery service is free of charge.

The mobile service centers will be delivering orders to Viva-MTS subscribers. The orders include prepaid and postpaid cards, as well as Wi-Fi routers. The Company also accepts orders on replacement of mobile cards. To place an order the subscriber needs to call the Hot Line at 111 or contact the company’s online shop at 093 298 700.  The agents will further contact the subscriber and will guide to the locations where the mobile service centers are expected to arrive to bring the card or the device, or to sign a subscription contract, where necessary. To get the order, subscribers are required to submit an identification document. 
“The pandemic makes look for solutions and adjust to the unfolding situation as fast as possible to get the most for the subscribers. No matter how many digital platforms there are for Viva-MTS subscribers, people still need delivery service. This is particularly true because of the major growth in the demand for Viva-MTS tariff plans, a result of the increased reliance on distance learning tools and the need to work from home,” Viva-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said in an interview

Since the demand for the “Zoom” and “Skype” apps, used for the distant learning and working purposes, has grown dramatically, Viva-MTS has taken steps to ensure the subscriber schoolchildren, students, educators and everyone who needs distant communication, have an opportunity to use these vital applications without limitations or an extra charge till 31.05.2020, inclusively.

The “Zoom” and “Skype” applications are currently available and auto-activated for Viva-MTS’ “X” and “Y” prepaid and postpaid tariff plans, as well as “Z” prepaid tariff plan. When using the apps the megabytes of the main Internet package provided within the tariff plans are not consumed, in case the tariff plan is in activate status. For more details please visit the company’s official webpage or call 111.

Viva-MTS encourages its subscribers to keep the 1.5-2 meter social distancing requirement. It is also recommended to wear face masks for prevention purposes, whenever possible.

The working hours of the mobile service centers are from 11:00 till 17:00 (Monday through Saturday).

Despite the current load on the service centers, Viva-MTS delivers the orders in the shortest possible period. Operations are performed both in cash and by cashless transfers. The Company offers its services with exception of mobile phone sales.
The mobile service centers are equipped with preventive means, are regularly disinfected, and the staff is trained for taking the required preventive measures as recommended.