11:27 | 25.12.19 | News | 15492

Two participants of Neruzh programme to join Beeline Startup Incubator’s 6th cycle

Armenian Ministry of High-Tech Industry and the Office of High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs have concluded the Diaspora tech startup programme Neruzh at UWC Dilijan.

Almost all members of Armenia’s startup ecosystem, including Beeline Startup Incubator, joined the initiative of the ministry and the High Commissioner’s office.

The three winners with initial ideas are Marathon, eBin and SoFetch, which have been awarded USD 15,000, USD 20,000 and USD 25,000, respectively. The three winning teams which are ready to launch their products in the market are Schedex, Garoon Tech and Fact Industries. They have been awarded USD 20,000, USD 25,000 and USD 30,000, respectively.

Beeline Armenia prepared a special prize for the ceremony: Beeline Startup Incubator chose 2 startups, Craft Lab and Schedex, and awarded them the opportunity to join the 6th cycle for free, bypassing the selection stage.

Those two teams also received prizes from Beeline Startup Incubator graduates Eventor.am, 4u.am, EasyDMARC, GuideMe and Send SMS – free subscription to their services.

“We are happy and proud to join this initiative, because the ultimate goal of our policy of supporting startups is to facilitate Armenia’s economic development. We take part in implementation of this programme so that young Armenians can easily start businesses in Armenia and young Diasporans get interested in working in Armenia,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

Three Beeline Startup Incubator residents Rendchain, Garoon Tech and GuideMe, which have Diaspora Armenians on their teams, were among the top finalists of Neruzh. Garoon Tech took the 2nd place and received prizes from investors.