17:26 | 24.12.19 | News | 15902

Beeline announces the update of Beeline Bonus program

Beeline has announced the launch of updated terms and conditions for Beeline Bonus program.

The program enables mobile subscribers to collect bonus points and exchange them for a range of Beeline services.

Subscribers can sign up for Beeline Bonus in several ways: via “Bonus” section in My Beeline Armenia app, in “Personal office” on www.beeline.am, or by sending *555# code. If you use one of the last two options, you will receive 100 bonus points, and signing up via the app will give you 200 points.

Under the updated terms and conditions, subscribers will be given a status (Standard, Silver, Gold or Platinum) depending on the amount they have spent in the last 6 months, and the points will be provided according to the status rate: from 1 to 1.7 point for expenditure of AMD 10,000.

Beeline Bonus points can be exchanged for internet, minutes and SMS texts, as well as vanity numbers (except for the numbers with “033” code). If the subscriber buys a phone at Beeline sale and customer care office and pays in cash, there will be 5% discount for Gold subscribers and 7% discount for those with Platinum status.

“We appreciate our loyal clients and want to thank them not just with words, but with a new bonus program too. I am certain that Beeline Bonus will make using our services more convenient. I am grateful to all our subscribers for choosing Beeline and I promise even more interesting services and offers for 2020,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.