11:39 | 11.10.19 | News | 19683

Jubilee DigiTec Expo is held with Ucom sponsorship

The 15th DigiTec Expo, held in Yerevan Expo Center at the Mergelyan Institute in Yerevan, gathered around 100 ICT companies and tens of thousands of visitors on October 6-9.

This year the expo featured an Iranian pavilion, where 9 companies presented their products. Among other participants were Ucom, the expo’s platinum sponsor, VOLO, the startup created by students of “Armath” engineering labs from Vanadzor, the Armenian branch of Osensus (Germany). The Ministry of High-Tech Industry of Armenia was actively involved as well this year: it gathered a number of engineering companies and startups in its pavilion.

One of the specific features of DigiTec 2019 was that the expo sponsored WCIT 2019 and was held in its framework, so the congress participants regularly attended the expo.

Among these guests were VMware COO Rajiv Ramaswami, Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy, leadership of Mudabala (UAE), as well as Zareh Sinanyan, High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs of the Armenian Prime Minister.

DigiTec was also attended by the ministerial delegation of WCIT 2019 that included ministers of corresponding industries from Bangladesh, Iraq, Brazil, Belize, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Estonia and a number of other countries.

The Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE) signed a range of memorandums with delegations from India, Ethiopia and Afghanistan, which also contain offers of export of education-related technological solutions.

DigiTec is organized for 15 successive years by UATE under the auspices of the Armenian Prime Minister. Ucom is the expo’s unchanging platinum sponsor.