12:34 | 30.08.19 | News | 10025

VivaCell-MTS to solve the housing issue in Mayakovski village

VivaCell-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia continue the joint implementation of the housing project, at the same time giving importance to volunteer participation.

This time the leaders and the staff members of the partner organizations visited the Muradyan family, living in Mayakovski village of Kotayk region.

Over 10 years, the family had to move from a house to a house. Having lived in a rented house for years, the hope of owning a home has not faded. 13 years ago, the Muradyans started building their own house. But they could build only the walls of the house. Due to financial problems, the dream of having their own home stayed unfulfilled, and the construction works remained unfinished. After years of waiting, until the end of the year, the family will have a comfortable and decent home.
 “I was a teenager when we started building our home. Now I have a son; he is 2 years old. My only wish is that my child to grow up in better conditions: in our own home,” said Petros.

This year 43 families were supported by the housing project implementing between VivaCell-MTS and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia.

“The Muradyans will finally have their long-cherished home in their homeland. They will be relieved of the financial and psychological burden of renting a house. For a family and especially for a child, it is extremely important to have a feeling of having a safe corner. Constant needs and moving from one house to another obstruct the child from becoming self-sufficient and strong and standing firm on his feet. We need to help this child, this family stand firm on their Homeland. The support of VivaCell-MTS is not limited to allocating funds for the program. We are here as volunteers to help our compatriots, the Muradyans, through our personal efforts to fulfill their dream.  Seeing a child's eyes shining with joy is a great gift,” said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

“Having a home of their own with deserving housing conditions should not be a distant dream for the family; it should be an everyday reality. For many years, FCHA, with VivaCell-MTS, have been helping families, who have been deprived of the joy of having a home. I am happy to say that by the end of the year the Muradyans will complete the construction works and will have their own comfortable home. Possessing a home connects people with their homeland and awakens optimism for the future,” said Fuller Center for Housing Armenia president Ashot Yeghiazaryan.

With the support of VivaCell-MTS, 13 houses have been built and renovated in Kotayk region.