12:26 | 28.08.19 | News | 13973

Rostelecom announces student essay contest with scholarship for winners

Ahead of September 1, Rostelecom is organizing a student essay contest on the topic of “How I would use innovative technologies in education”.

All applications will be considered by the jury comprised of Rostelecom employees, and top 3 authors will be awarded scholarships and letters of commendation.

The organizers will award three scholarships:

1st place, AMD 300,000 (AMD 30,000 monthly for 10 months);
2nd place, AMD 200,000 (AMD 20,000 monthly for 10 months);
3rd place, AMD 100,000 (AMD 10,000 monthly for 10 months).

The essays must contain the student’s ideas and ambitious suggestions about education and modern technologies.

The contest is open to students of Armenian universities (bachelor and master’s programs), secondary vocational education institutions and high schools (grades 10, 11 and 12). A mandatory condition is that the students or any of their family members should be Rostelecom subscribers.

The terms and conditions:

-    The essay must be in Armenian;
-    The essay must be at least 300-word-long;
-    The essay will not be considered by the jury if it is plagiarized or translated;
-    The essay will not be considered by the jury if the author or none of his family members are subscribed to Rostelecom;
-    The essay will not be considered by the jury if it does not correspond with the established topic.

The essays should be submitted to idea@rtarmenia.am until September 30, with “Rostelecom scholarship” mentioned in the subject field. The email should also contain the number of the applicant’s Rostelecom agreement and their phone number.

The results of the contest will be announced after September 30.

The authors of the best works will be announced on October 4.

The essays will also be published on the official website and/or Facebook page of Rostelecom.