14:24 | 07.06.19 | News | 8609

Beeline to provide numbers with 033 code to Samsung smartphone buyers

Beeline announced promotion for buyers of Galaxy A series of Samsung smartphones.

By buying one of the smartphones until August 20 of 2019, the customers will receive 25GB mobile internet and special present in form of a number with 033 code. The smartphones are available by installments.

“Samsung phones are very popular among buyers and are sold most frequently. Thanks to this promotion, our customers will have a unique opportunity to acquire a phone of this popular brand and get a nice number with 033 code. The significant volume of mobile internet is yet another bonus, which will help them discover the whole potential of new smartphones and advantages of our services,” Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin said.

All smartphones of Samsung Galaxy A series are available in our collection. The price of Samsung Galaxy A 10 in case of paying by installments for 24 months is AMD 3300. Beeline sells only official versions of Samsung phones, produced specially for this region.