17:58 | 26.02.19 | News | 9996

VivaCell-MTS supports release of 9 books dedicated to Armenians worldwide

Numerous implemented projects are results of twelve years of collaboration between VivaCell-MTS and the Panarmenian Geographic Association.

One of those projects is a book series, which has been published for nine years in a row, and which has become a unique encyclopedia for Armenian and foreign readers worldwide. The book series was presented at “The Pioneers of Armenian Typography” Hall of the Museum of Typography by the National Library of Armenia.

The Panarmenian Geographic Association has been in charge of creating these culturally significant books with the support of Viva-Cell MTS since 2011. The first four books embrace 800 Armenian monuments of the world, which include a vast, albeit not complete, list of monuments established by Armenians or dedicated to the Armenians of the world.

“The purpose we have had in mind for years has been to know our culture and to celebrate those Armenians who spared no effort to make it known to the world. I must accept that the success of our initiative is a result of both our cooperation and devotion, but equally the glorious lives of each and every one of the renowned Armenians presented in these nine volumes. I want to believe library patrons will enjoy the books, too,” VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said.

The lives of the Armenian musicians of the world are presented in the two following volumes. The information gathered owing to the cooperation of the partnering sides lets readers familiarize with the lives and works of renowned Armenian musicians of the world. The people presented in the books have not only garnered recognition for their talents but have also contributed to building a positive national image for Armenia.

The fruitful cooperation has brought about two more volumes, which are devoted to the Armenian painters of the world. The partners have remained committed to presenting the cultural contribution of the talented Armenians who, by a twist of fate, found home in different parts of the world. The eighth edition celebrates the 200th anniversary of the renowned Armenian marine painter Hovhannes Ayvazovsky.

Armenian cinematographers are introduced in the ninth edition published in 2018; this volume is dedicated to the 110th anniversary of William Saroyan. The book tells about the great Armenian masters of film industry, both living and deceased.

The president of the Panarmenian Geographic Association spoke about the idea of the project, its necessity and importance, the process of its implementation, as well as the cooperation between the two organizations.

VivaCell-MTS and the Panarmenian Geographic Association will continue collaboration in 2019 as well.

The book are availableonline.