11:25 | 12.09.18 | News | 10279

Beeline Armenia staffers compete in Digithon

Digithon 2018 has kicked off in Armenian Hankavan village with participation of Beeline staff.

The staffers from different departments of the company joined the contest to create prototypes of innovative digital services.

This year the Armenian stage of the corporate digital marathon had four teams. The theme was data monetization, a relevant topic for telecom industry.

The teams were tasked with developing prototypes of their solutions in 24 hours. The results were assessed by the jury comprised of Beeline executives and chaired by Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

“Beeline always encourages innovation and activism. We employ fantastic specialists and should secure a creative environment for them. The aim of this contest is to unite staffers from different departments for a single task on one hand and develop new ideas on the other, so that our customers receive more convenient and simple services,” said Pyatakhin.

The winner of the Armenian stage of Digithon 2018 will attend Global Digithon in Amsterdam at VEON Group headquarters.