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VivaCell-MTS invests AMD 28bn in social projects in 12 years

During more than eleven years of operation, in the frames of the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, VivaCell-MTS has allocated AMD 28,015,900,000 (over 28 billion) for the implementation of social investment projects in Armenia directed at the improvement and sustainable development of various spheres of social life.

From the above-mentioned sum 1,338,400,000 AMD will be invested in 2017. On the average annual basis, the total annual volume of social investments is 2,234,600,000 AMD (more than AMD 2.2 billion). During each year, in the framework of the programs over 82 public events have been implemented, on the average.

The social investments program is based on a long-term comprehensive strategy. Different directions of the program have been chosen as a result of the evaluation of the needs of the respective spheres, the urgency for responding to existing problems and their importance in the long-term perspective. Programs encompass a wide range of spheres and are carried out on a regular basis with the aim of the ensuring the sustainable development of those spheres.

The main directions of VivaCell-MTS social investments in various spheres of social life over the course of years are the following:
1.    Provision of houses to 40 socially vulnerable families from Gyumri and Vanadzor who were left without shelter after the earthquake; completion and renovation of houses in 58 rural communities, including 200 houses for families living in borderland regions in the frames of the “Fuller” housing project.

2.    191 infrastructure development projects in 50 rural communities of ten regions in Armenia, including installation of gas, irrigation and potable water pipelines, construction of alternative energy infrastructure (outdoor LED lighting and heating systems). The rural community development program also includes renovation of regional educational institutions and cultural centers, as well as construction of protective wall in the borderline villages.

3.    Environmental protection programs which include increasing environmental awareness among over 2000 young people, creation of over 1000 workplaces, shooting of over 40 documentaries on environmental themes by the students of the “Sunchild” eco-clubs. In the frames of the programs aimed at the preservation of biodiversity, modern equipment was provided to the eco-educational center for the monitoring of 8000-acre territory of the Caucasian Biodiversity Center, and a new base station was installed near the center.

4.    In the frames of healthcare activities, over 30 types of state-of-the-art medical devices have been provided to medical institutions in Yerevan and in over 31 rural communities, including re-equipment of maternity departments with the aim of improving neonatal care in Armenia. Professional healthcare has been provided to over 400 children with special needs. Hippotherapy courses have been organized for over 100 children.

5.    With the aim of supporting the sphere of culture and activities directed at the preservation of national identity, over 2000 concerts and various cultural events have been organized in the capital and in regions.

6.    Support to the development of Information and Communication Technologies sphere, including support to the “Award of the President of Armenia for Outstanding Contribution to Global IT” initiative, to the Annual Microelectronics International Olympiad, creation of FabLabs.

7.    In the framework of a “Memorandum of Understanding” signed between VivaCell-MTS, the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia, Synopsys Armenia and Unicomp, project on specialized ICT education is implemented which aims at including “Microelectronics”, “Basics of Telecommunication” and “Information Technologies” narrow-specialty subjects as part of curricula at senior schools. VivaCell-MTS has financed the establishment of laboratories for the “Microelectronics”, “Information Technologies” and “Basics of Telecommunication” subjects.

8.    Provision of tuition fee to 1200 students with special needs, from socially vulnerable families or orphans. Creation of Wi-Fi corners and labs in 30 higher education institutes and 16 schools in different regions of Armenia.

9.    Support to the development of sports, including chess, football, archery, etc.

“For over 11 years VivaCell-MTS has been committed to its Corporate Responsibility agenda which lies at the heart of our value system. Large-scale social investments aimed at sustainable development are just a component of this agenda. It is equally important to contribute to the introduction and integration of the Corporate Responsibility institute in Armenia both on the company level, and through social investment projects with coordinated and regular efforts”, said Ralph Yirikian.

The engagement of VivaCell-MTS employees in various projects has considerably boosted the culture of volunteering in Armenia. This model of corporate governance has been at the core of the company since the first years of its operation.

VivaCell-MTS is the only telecommunications operator in Armenia and the first company in the CIS to have implemented the ISO 26000 social responsibility guidelines.