10:51 | 09.11.16 | News | 10153

SCPEC gives ArmenTel a warning

State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition of Armenia (SCPEC) received an application-complaint from Trans-Spher regarding the security service tendering ArmenTel held.

According to the commission, ArmenTel established requirements not for the winner of the tendering, but for all participating companies, while it is not known beforehand which participant will win.

“Thus, some companies have to hire new staff and bear additional expenses not to miss the opportunity to partake in the tendering, all the while not knowing if they will win. Moreover, the research discovered that ArmenTel established other requirements that are not linked directly with the tendering requirements but can affect both the winner company’s results and the competition conditions in the sphere,” SCPEC stated.

According to the commission, this conduct from ArmenTel can create unequal conditions in the sphere.

SCPEC warned ArmenTel to restrain from similar activities, as well as apply to the Ministry of Finance of Armenia and the Public Services Regulatory Commission regarding solution of the abovementioned problem.