11:07 | 25.07.16 | News | 7170

Foreign citizens to need work permit in Armenia

Foreign citizens will need to obtain a work permit from their employers to work in Armenia.

By the decision of Armenian government, which came into force on June 4, 2016, a procedure was established for employers to apply and obtain respective permits.

According to Nork Information-Analytical Center, employers who hired foreign citizens before June 4 should submit copies of employment agreements for the account of State Employment Agency of Armenian Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs within 60 days (counting from June 4).

For the remaining cases, the following procedure is established:

First, employer should apply to State Employment Agency to fill the current vacancy with an unemployed Armenian citizen.

In case Armenian citizens for the vacancy are absent or don’t comply with employer’s requirements, only the employer has the right to apply to the agency for a permit with a specific work for a specific foreign citizen.

Upon receiving the permit from the head of the agency, employer should inform the given foreign citizen to submit necessary papers to Armenian Police for arriving in Armenia and obtaining a temporary residence permit.

Employer should sign an employment agreement with the foreign citizen within a month after receiving the work permit, which obliges employer to provide the foreign citizen with respective work for the terms specified in the permit.