10:03 | 12.07.16 | News | 2815

VivaCell-MTS has finaced 750 students' tuition in 7 years

It is now the seventh year that VivaCell-MTS launched tuition fee reimbursement assistance program. The beneficiaries of the program are students from vulnerable social groups as well as with special needs, who have a good standing at university.

Owing to the program, higher education has become available to around 750 students from socially vulnerable groups (students with special needs, needy families or orphans). In the course of the seven years, VivaCell-MTS has allocated about AMD 705.9 million for the implementation of the program.

The program has proven to be highly effective in providing professional education as well as psychological and social support.

During the ceremony the results of the program in the course of 7 years were summed up and certificates of program completion were handed over to the beneficiaries of the program from this year’s graduate students.

“The desire to learn and the inability to pay for education is one of the biggest injustices of our life. The society cannot be strong if some of its members are deprived of the opportunity to entertain their right for education. Young people will be given an opportunity to acquire competitive advantage and achieve a better place and role in the market and in the society, in general. The mission of the tuition fund program is to alleviate social injustice through professional education. Education is for everyone equally,” said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

Considering the fact, that good academic standing is one of the main requirements for enrollment in the program, the certificate of completion serves as a proof of the motivation, persistence and consistency in the efforts of receiving higher education and becoming competent specialists.