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Ucom supports realization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle contest

The final stage of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) contest was held on July 2 at Arzni airport with the support of Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) and Ucom.

Registration for the contest began in November 2015.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle contest requires the participants to navigate the vehicles they created themselves, sending the UAVs to a target, where the vehicles must drop the cargo and return. The target is a circle 5m in diameter, with lines and signs marked on it. They indicate the coordinates for the vehicle to drop the cargo on.

10 teams participated in the final stage of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle contest:

1.    Epic Drone from American University of Armenia
2.    iUAV
3.    Eagle Eye
4.    Sky protectors from Ellips GA
5.    Artsiv
6.    Savarnak
7.    Fimetech team
8.    Technology and Science Dynamics team
9.    Bzbzoghner from Tumo Center for Creative Technologies
10.    Roboechmiadzin from Etchmiadzin No. 2 school

The organizers awarded prize money of AMD 600 000, 400 000 and 260 000 to the top three winning teams respectively.