11:04 | 01.07.16 | News | 3324

Beeline announces Customer Day today

It is Customer Day at Beeline today, and the company’s leadership and staff from different departments (overall, more than fifty employees) will spend the day, communicating and working with customers.

The event is implemented in the framework of Customer service improvement program and aims to improve Beeline services, making them as simple and convenient as possible, based on customers’ feedback.

“Telecommunications sphere is extremely dynamic, customers’ requirements change very quickly, and we should put constant efforts in determining them. Today Beeline staff tried to make one more step towards our customers, work with them individually, take their questions and solve their problems. I am sure that from this point of view, Customer Day will be useful to Beeline customers and employees alike, meanwhile helping us provide simpler and more convenient services and be the most customer-caring operator on the market,” noticed Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.