10:50 | 29.06.16 | News | 8941

Beeline launches new Neo Max service package

Beeline announces the launch of “A month free” special offer with new Neo Max service package. The service package includes mobile connection, SMS messages as well as internet both at home and mobile.

The new Neo Max service package includes unlimited outgoing calls within Beeline mobile network, 3 GB mobile internet, 150 SMS- message to the Armenian and NKR mobile networks, as well as the fixed Internet of maximum speed. Monthly subscription fee for the service package is AMD 5990. The first month of service is free of charge.

“Making communication services even more simple and convenient, Beeline improves the existing package offerings to give customers everything at once, and in maximum low price. We have created a unique package offer in Armenian telecommunications market. The customer is not limited to a fixed speed Internet for the first time. Our customers will get a very fast internet at home and on their mobile phones, unlimited on-net calls, SMS- messages to a large and profitable price for off-net calls. The main advantages of the our proposal is the joint account, which the customer, getting in his/her  mobile phone will have the ability to pay for any services, recharging mobile phone”, said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.