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5 hottest Armenian startups according to Al Eisaian

Armenian-American entrepreneur and investor, IntelinAir founder Al Eisaian named top 5 of the hottest Armenian startups during his interview to Itel.am.

- PicsArt. The company’s mobile app of the same name, designed for photo editing, received USD 20 million in April from DCM Ventures and Siguler Guff & Company.

PicsArt will allocated the received sum on promotion of the startup on Chinese and Japanese markets.

With its 250 mln downloads and 65 mln active users monthly, PicsArt was declared one of the 2015 Forbes Hottest Startups of Silicon Valley, and evaluated USD 250 mln by Forbes.

- Teamable. This Armenian company works with human resources management, providing software for around 20 American companies, including Uber, Lyft, and Oracle.

Teamable software helps the companies form a quality team and manage the human resources at hand. You can read about Teamable in more detail here.

- Codefights. The startup allows to improve your coding skills by playing against competitors. Over 300 000 programmers compete in this startup’s online community.

 Last year the startup received USD 2.4 mln funding for further development. It’s one of the companies financed by Granatus Ventures and Hive.

- Joomag. The company developed the first innovative platform for creating interactive digital magazines, brochures and catalogs. The platform has over 300 000 publishers worldwide. Joomag clients are Huffington Post, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Bazaar, etc.

Joomag was founded in 2009. It is headquartered in Silicon Valley, and another office is located in Santa Monica. New offices were established in Munich and Moscow in early 2015. The office in Yerevan opened in 2013. You can read about Joomag in more detail here.

- gg developed an application working on Android and iOS. It is a car rent system on a website, which solves the issue of renting a car in all parts of the city for affordable fixed prices.

The company was founded in early 2014. gg cars are available not only in Yerevan, but other Armenian cities as well - Vanadzor, Gyumri, Etchmiadzin, Ashtarak. The company began working in Georgia in 2016.

Narine Daneghyan