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Girls in Tech. Astghik Minasyan

We pictured exclusively a man when saying “IT specialist in Armenia” a few years ago, but the success of Armenian technological products on international markets and numerous projects promoting startups development made the industry more attractive for women as well in recent times.

Whether it’s writing code, developing products or making other contribution to the team, the opportunities are numerous.

Itel.am presents Armenian women engaged in IT industry in the new “Girls in Tech” series.

24-year-old Astghik Minasyan works as a front end/backend programmer at Technology and Science Dynamics.

I love my profession

I studied at the Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics of Yerevan State University. I had internship at Instigate before I started working at Technology and Science Dynamics.

Astghik Minasyan

I used to think that the university was no use for me, but I came to understand that I was wrong. Theory plays a significant role in this industry, it gives the base of knowledge.

I loved math as a child, and I imagined my future to be in that sphere. It was my sister who inspired me to choose programming as a profession. I’m glad today that I listened to her and came to this industry. I found myself in IT. I love my profession.

One of the advantages of IT sphere is that I can skip the work in the morning and work till late at night. It’s not a problem for anyone, I can do my job outside of regular working hours or even at home.

I’m not particularly patient, I can get nervous when something doesn’t go the right way, but the thought that I know what to do and will eventually achieve my goal makes me keep working. 

There were times I got so mad during work that I closed my notebook really hard and then opened it to see if it was still working (laughs - edit.). No matter how much work fails and you want to break the computer, you have to try again.

Astghik Minasyan

Another advantage of this industry is high salary - the better specialist you are, the better you’re paid.

I’m interested in device construction

I rarely follow technological fashion. However, I’m interested how this or that device works. I don’t have to own the device, I can just take it from a friend and test. I think we should always be in trend.

Apart from my main job, I work in MyDayAtHome startup team. We designed a device that will ease elders’ daily life. I provide technical part of the startup’s work. I have a number of other projects as well, which I can’t talk about yet.

I keep working until I find a solution

It’s a bit difficult for IT people to communicate with people working in other spheres. For example, my family often tell me that I’m physically at home, but mentally I’m somewhere else. The reason is that when I come home I take my laptop and continue working on a problem I didn’t manage to solve that day. So I keep working until I find a solution.

Astghik Minasyan

Most of my friends are programmers, both guys and girls. Programmers don’t pay much attention to what people wear.

You have to forget about recreation places when you first enter this industry. You need to read a lot instead.

You also should set a deadline for yourself. It will help you see that despite difficulties you need to work just a little more to achieve your goal.

Narine Daneghyan
Photos by Emin Aristakesyan