13:16 | 30.03.16 | News | 3430

VivaCell-MTS supports housewarming in Gegharkunik marz

In 2015, in the frames of the housing project, renovation and construction of half-built houses were implemented in all regions of Armenia; 40 socially vulnerable families have become beneficiaries of the project.

The heads of partnering organizations implementing the project - VivaCell-MTS and “Fuller Center for Housing” Armenia visited Ddmashen community to participate in the housewarming ceremony of the Melikyan family.

Over years the Melikyans had been moving from one place to another, then for 15 years they had lived in a trailer. Ten years ago the family finally bought a half-built house hoping that they would be able to finish the construction, but the dream remained unfulfilled.

“It is indescribably difficult to live, moreover, to raise children in a trailer. My sons have never felt the joy of having their own home. Last year was my son, Taron’s first New Year in a stone half-built building. Today my family has a home. Thank you!” said Leyla, the mother of the family.

“Personal happiness is the precondition of success. Homelessness, unemployment, various problems affect the person's psychological condition and happiness. It is not by chance that I frequently mention hope and belief in my speeches. Sometimes a little act of kindness can fundamentally change a person's life making him / her more confident, self-sufficient, tolerant, and successful. This approach has become a core value for us from the beginning of VivaCell-MTS operation, for it is important for the better future of our country and our nation. Our cooperation with "Fuller Center for Housing” Armenia is aimed at the achievement of these objectives. We are happy to state that we have had our investment in the happiness of yet another Armenian family,” said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

“The story of each family is a book written over the years. The Melikyan family has overcome many hardships. I hope that from now on only happy stories will be written in the book of this family,” said “Fuller Center for Housing” Armenia President Ashot Yeghiazaryan.

Since 2007, VivaCell-MTS has contributed AMD 228.3 million for the basic reconstruction or renovation of houses thus improving the life quality of 480 people with social needs in 10 regions of the country, including 31 villages, of which 10 are borderland villages.