10:33 | 16.03.16 | News | 6645

Ucom LTE network to be available for 95% of Armenian population

Ucom CEO Hayk Yesayan told journalists today that Ucom Introduces LTE radio access network throughout Armenia, which will include more than 800 residences being available to around 95 % of the population.

According to him, a contract was signed with Ericson, with which the latter will provide Ericsson Radio System family equipment, as well as analytical system will be launched, which will help to assess the changing needs of customers and boost customer satisfaction.

As Hayk Yesayan says, LTE network investment throughout Armenia will provide high-quality mobile communication, high level of security, will create a complete IP network, providing the opportunity of 3 services at the same time (voice, data, video).

“We will provide faster and better quality internet for our customers as the Internet has become an indispensable part of our daily life both in business and in other areas of public life. In addition, many jobs will be opened during the introduction of LTE network”, highlighted Hayk Yesayan.

Ucom CEO informed that LTE radio access network will consist of multiple base stations providing the coverage in Yerevan and in the marzes. As a result, the high speed internet connection will be available in many cities:  small towns and other areas will get maximum speed up to 70 Mbit/s.

“This year’s contract is around USD 20 mln and only refers to LTE. Several times more money will be spent setting up the infrastructure and other areas. Equipment worth USD 6 mln will be imported to Armenia during the first stage of which USD 4.3 mln worth devices are already here. We are about to start work on the installation in a week”, said Hayk Yesayan.

Ericsson Nikola Tesla CEO Gordana Kovacevic attached great importance to the fact that Ucom considered them in implementing this strategic program.

“As a result of LTE network investment based on Ericsson’s  most modern telecommunications platform Ucom will be able to offer its customers the highest quality mobile services in the Armenian market”, said Gordana Kovacevic.

The base stations utilize the high bandwidth: as a result LTE network will provide maximum speed.