11:27 | 01.03.16 | News | 3269

DataPlay cloud software presented in Yerevan

Armenian IT Company Margasoft presented its new DataPlay software, which is a cloud software system for managing and analyzing data and for automating presentations in research industry.

With the help of DataPlay, researchers will have an opportunity to analyze data correctly, make visually rich presentations, as well as present them.

DataPlay plans to reduce the time spent on research that used to take weeks, and do analysis in Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel, gather data from different sources. It is also planned that using DataPlay will reduce time spent on visualization by 50-80%.

“We received rather good feedback from all attendees. I was positively surprised to learn that whatever we do in DataPlay has a great demand among the researchers,” Margasoft Corp. CEO Armen Margaryan told Itel.am.

Before being presented in Armenia, DataPlay already succeeded in the USA and Europe.
Senior researcher in Margasoft Corp. Anna Drnoian says that the goal of demo presentation in Armenia is to encourage the use of automation software products in marketing sphere in Armenia, and to understand the requirements of local professionals.

DataPlay will be freely given to the participants of DataPlay demo.

Margasoft Corp. was founded in 2005 in the USA. It produces new software products, automating manual work.

Anna Khachatryan