12:22 | 25.02.16 | News | 3773

Beeline comments on poster at Sakharov Square

Public Relations Manager of Beeline Armenia Tatev Ayrumyan posted a comment on her Facebook page regarding citizens’ applications about Beeline advertising poster on the facade of the monument building on Sakharov Square.

In particular, a number of citizens demanded the company to take the poster off the building’s facade, as they were concerned it could be used to mask the demolition of the building.

It is worth mentioning that Local Developers (the company that owns the building) Director Samvel Mayrapetyan stated more than once that he didn’t intend to dismantle the building.

“Being a socially responsible company, Beeline has implemented plenty of programs aimed to preserve the country’s culture, pass on traditions and national values from generation to generation, as well as present those values at international platforms in the entire time of its work.

This problem has been in the centre of our attention from the very first day of the discussion. Such decisions take more than a day to be solved in big companies and cannot be annulled in a minute.

We assure all our subscribers that we haven’t ignored a single application on this matter, and we’ll prove it in deed very soon,” wrote Tatev Ayrumyan.