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Best of 2015 in Itel

When we decided to start “the most stylish IT offices” series, we had no idea that they will be more than 10.
Starting from Spaceship like ArmTab finishing with SFL-London telephone booths.

Photo 1, կոլաժ

We have presented 12 stylish IT offices over the year that are based in Yerevan and are pleasant to work in. Everything started when we visited Zangi-for an interview...
As a result, the latter became the first office we covered.


The year was full of exclusive interviews as well. Our interviews with Armenian and foreign entrepreneurs, investors of the sphere had one aim- to help Armenian startups do more.

We talked to Armenian-American famous businessman and investor Al Eisaian at the beginning of the year who was in Yerevan.
“There is always money, the question is are you ready to take this money. All my early companies needed 100 meetings to get one investor interesting in them. If the entrepreneur makes his company so attractive that it’s a privilege to invest in it, than the investment will come. I don’t know any examples in Armenia so far that an entrepreneur with a good company and good team which didn’t receive investment”, said Al Eisaian.

And American social news website Reddit’s co-founder and executive chairman Alexis Ohanian advised Armenian startups “to think broadly and out of the box” in an interview with us.

“I always tell the Estonian example – Skype is kind of a perfect company to come of a country like Estonia but it’s something like a truly global platform that connects everyone. Those guys have thought bigger than to build something that just Estonians would use – they focused on creating something that the world would use. You can absolutely build things, which would work for Armenia but it should be done with the idea that it can grow beyond Armenia...”, he said.

The interview with Twitter’s former Vice President, Engineering Lead at Uber Advanced Technologies Center Raffi Krikorian was unique. It was very popular among the readers.
“Honestly, if you are Armenian, I will probably want to help you. There are too many startups that ask for my help and it’s difficult to make them all go through but if you are Armenian I will cut the line and talk to you anyway. Just having Armenian identity is enough to get my attention” mentioned Raffi Krikorian.

Software Engineer from Google Now Ara Avanesyan

“Programming needs constant progress as it changes every second. I would advise not to sit and prepare for job interviews specifically. The best way of preparing is working, that helps to constantly strengthen the knowledge, develop and gain real experience which is priceless both for interviews and for the future career”. You can read the full interview here.

UX (User Experience) specialist, co-founder of Smashing Magazine journal Vitaly Friedman.

“I think you need to present the right idea at the right time. There is also a lot of luck involved. Think about the content first when starting a project. It’s important to get a good understanding on the content on which you will work later”. You can read the full interview here.

Businessman, co-founder and Managing Partner of  Almaz Capital Partners venture fund Alexander Galitsky

“Armenia has a huge advantage in this sphere, as it has powerful Diaspora and all Armenians that live in different parts of the world are very connected to each other.
So, my advice to Armenian startups is to find successful Armenians around the world take consultation from and make friends with them. Diaspora’s potential should be utilized in the IT sphere”. You can read the full interview here.

Engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Richard Ohanian

“The Diaspora can certainly have its input in Armenia’s scientific, industrial and technological development. Diaspora experts can share their best practices and experiences, even via personal contacts”. You can read the full interview here.

We presented “Ahead of  Demo Day” series in cooperation with MIC Armenia in spring, telling about MIC Acceleration 7 startups development story .

It was an active year for mobile gaming and apps as well. We presented new Armenian games or apps almost every week. By the way, we were first to tell about Zangi and Jeltee apps.

We also talked about a number game production companies in “mobile gaming in Armenia” series.


Itel.am will continue its functions with a new force. We are happy to inform that new Itel.am will be launched with innovative solutions and new design that promises to follow IT developments and reveal new and interesting Armenian startups.

We wish a year full of technological victories. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Narine Daneghyan
Tatev Hovhannisyan