16:44 | 25.11.15 | News | 3457

VivaCell-MTS and Ministry of Culture sum up the projects realized in 2015

The Minister of Culture Hasmik Poghosyan and VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian held a press conference at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia on the jointly implemented projects and the future plans.

The Ministry of Culture continues appearing with numerous musical, theatrical, youth-oriented projects and initiatives: film festivals and premieres organized in all spheres of culture are the vivid example of that. However, these initiatives do grow into realized projects owing to friends truly devoted to the cause, such as VivaCell-MTS. The Ministry of Culture highly appreciates the support VivaCell-MTS manifests in implementing initiatives that promote the Armenian culture in the world.

Speaking about the importance of cooperation the Minister said: "Our friendship is already ten years old. The involvement of the Company in the fields of contemporary art and cultural heritage preservation is significant. It should be noted that each project realized in cooperation with VivaCell-MTS has recorded high quality and success."

Throughout years culture has always remained within the focus of the Social Investments Program activities of VivaCell-MTS. AMD 2.512.000.000 is the volume of financial investments made by VivaCell-MTS into projects implemented in the frames of Social Investments Program during 2015, out of which AMD 894.500.000 (35.6%) have been invested into cultural initiatives.

In total, during 10 years of operation VivaCell-MTS has invested AMD 23.6 billion into Social Investments Program, out of which AMD 7.912.600.000 (34.4%) were directed towards implementing cultural projects.

“VivaCell-MTS’ support to the culture aims at keeping cultural dialogue with the world by communicating our values. The culture is also a means to present ourselves, our uniqueness, and to share the vision of our development and the national identity. With supporting cultural initiatives, VivaCell-MTS hopes to see the cultural traditions spread to the wider public and to facilitate the aesthetic education of the young generation. Every unique and remarkable event adds a new quality and cultural mark to Armenian society,” VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said.

The cultural initiatives supported by VivaCell-MTS embrace a variety of spheres and genres, as well as those shedding light on the pages of Armenian history, particularly, the donation of valuable documents and materials to the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute; support to a number of film and music festivals such as “Golden Apricot” International Film Festival, “Return” Classical Music Festival, “New Names” festival, “National Gallery” Music Festival, “Fresco” Film Festival, support to musical and dance ensembles, such as “Barekamutyan” Dance Ensemble, “Hover” Chamber Choir, State Youth Orchestra of Armenia, Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra, State Academic Choir, Duo “Ars Lunga”, the choir of “Unison” NGO; support to organizations realizing cultural projects, such as Aleksandr Spendiarian Opera and Ballet National Theatre Support Foundation, “Response after 100 years” project devoted to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, creation of the Golden Collection of the Public Radio “Masterpieces of Armenian Music”, etc. Media projects aimed at increasing the awareness and promotion of Armenian cultural traditions are of special importance to the Company: VivaCell-MTS has supported the “Travelling Overseas” program and a documentary about “Cilicia” ship.