18:09 | 01.06.15 | News | 3419

Special conditions for using “Skype” for “MTS Connect 256” subscribers

Now in case of subscribing to VivaCell-MTS’  “MTS Connect 256” Internet tariff plan for 12 months as well one can use the “Skype” service at special conditions by:

- enjoying high speed Internet, preserving the monthly high speed package provided by the tariff plan;

- preserving the high speed of the Internet even after consuming the high speed package.

The activation fee of the “Skype” service is AMD 500 per month.

In case of subscribing to the tariff plan for 12 months, the subscriber can get an “MTS Connect E3351” USB modem, providing speed up to 42, 2 Mbps optimized for using the “Skype” service, free of charge.

And in case of termless subscription to the tariff plan the price of the USB modem is now AMD 18000.

“VivaCell-MTS is continuously giving its customers new opportunities to enjoy a better mobile broadband experience, with more affordable conditions, and higher speeds, suited to the needs of different segments of the market. By subscribing to “MTS Connect 256” tariff plan and activating special conditions for Skype service, customers in Yerevan and regions, who frequently use Skype to communicate, can take full advantage of VivaCell-MTS’ network,” VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian commented.

“As the customer demand for wireless data volume and speed increases, VivaCell-MTS will continue broadening up its line of tariff plans and wireless devices in order to enhance the mobile data experience for its customers. In parallel, VivaCell-MTS will also be continually expanding its third generation network footprint”, he added.