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PokerQuickie: Online game face to face

PokerQuickie is an app for online poker, which grants players an opportunity of a video-chat.

The game-app was released by Sentzlab in Yerevan this February.  It was developed based on the principles of social gaming and players earn only virtual money during the game.

The app is available for iOS-based devices. The Android and web versions will be available in around a month.

The idea of the app belongs to Moscow-based Nerses Najaryan and Head of Sentzlab Yerevan Levon Avetisyan. Nerses Najaryan told Itel.am that in 2011 he established Sentzlab – a studio in Moscow engaged in the development of mobile apps.

“A year ago, we moved the office to Yerevan. The team of Yerevan office presently has five members. PokerQuickie is our first entirely Armenian app,” he said.

PokerQuickie has a video chat function, which allows to see and communicate with each other during the game.

“Considering that facial expression can say much about the player’s game and upcoming steps in poker, this function is indeed very important,” noted Nerses Najaryan. 

The game has two modes – you can play poker with the one you want or you can let the system choose your opponent.

“You join the game, press the “play” button and the system automatically connects you to a certain random player. When the game is over, the system automatically disconnects you and suggests another random player. Thus, this mode will let you play with a certain player only once,” said the PokerQuickie Co-Founder.

According to him, the project is self-financed and has no other investors. Presently, the team is developing a bookmaker app related to global financial exchanges, and it will function in United Kingdom. 

Narine Daneghyan