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360 Stories in AppStore

360 Stories, virtual reality (VR) storytelling platform, just released its app for the iOS mobile devices.

360 Stories is a social touring platform that allows one to experience the world through VR technology. Here you can attach your experiences, stories and memories to the relevant places.

As of now, the app features only Armenian sights.

One of co-founders of 360 Stories Vahagn Mosinyan told Itel.am that by downloading 360 Stories, and using a basic Google Cardboard, tourists and researchers alike can explore remotely the majestic landscapes, delectable cuisine and bold architecture of Armenia. Users are also prompted to use 360 Stories’ platform to build their own routes and experiences within the country.

“360 VR traveling idea which has been widely spread over the past years is entering a virtual reality which allows people find themselves in places featured in 360 degrees. Now many startups are born to develop the area. Everything is done for the people to use the pleasure easily. Google’s Cardboards are the vivid evidence of it. Having one of the apps in your phone and placing your phone in the Cardboard, you can find yourself in places you have never been and look around the places”, he says.

As Vahagn Mosinyan notes, 360 Stories began when founders won photo competition and then traded two smartphones (prizes) for a camera with a panoramic head.

“With the new camera, we kept shooting photos of Yerevan. Then we decided to weave a sensory tale about our hometown in the virtual reality. So, this is how 360 Stories was created”, he says.

The startup’s co-founder, Albert Poghosyan, notes that Amsterdam is most likely to be the next city for 360 Stories.

The Android version of the app is being developed.

Narine Daneghyan