16:51 | 12.11.14 | News | 3112

Union of Employers of Armenia names Beeline most environmentally responsible company

Beeline was awarded certificate for the best practice in supporting “green economy” and realizing “green” programs.

The certificate was issued by the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia relying on 12 evaluation criteria – protection of the environment, adoption of social and business conduct norms, relevant ISO certificate on the mechanisms of conservation and processing of industrial wastes, responsible approach to environmental payments, realization of educational programs, etc.

“Resource saving, saving of electric power and proper management play an important role in the sphere of “green” economy. Surveys and assessments made by the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia showed that Beeline’s strategy to productive use of resources is particularly instructive and the company’s practice was named the best as it can be applied among SMEs. I would like to congratulate Beeline and express my gratitude for its responsible activities”, said Executive Director of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia Gagik Makaryan.

“Environmental projects are traditionally in the focus of interest of Beeline. I would like to thank the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia for this honorary and at the same time obliging award and would like to note that Beeline will continue to carry out projects which help change the lives of people for the better and create favorable conditions for coming generations”, Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin noted. --0--