13:11 | 11.08.14 | News | 4293

Orange’s 041 phone number range will be available from August 20

Today Orange announced that its new 041 phone number range will be available in its shops from August 20th.

Orange has decided to sell the best 11 numbers of the 041 range during a charitable auction to be held in mid-September, based on personal invitations.

The starting price for each number will amount to 500,000 AMD and the amount of the highest bid will be doubled by Orange. The whole income from the auction will be donated to “Let’s keep children home” charitable project.

The “Let’s keep children home” project, launched in 2012 in partnership with World Vision Armenia aims at giving tools to parents to create their own business or small activities and thus to sustain their families without having to depend on charity continuously. It has already allowed returning 32 children to their families from orphanages or boarding schools.

“We hope that participants to the auction will appreciate to get an excellent phone number and service and at the same time to have their money going to a charitable activity and will be very generous”, said Francis Gelibter, the CEO of Orange Armenia.