16:31 | 25.07.14 | News | 3082

“Summer Sculpture Garden” new educational program launches Cafesjian Center for Arts with Beeline sponsorship

Along with Cafesjian Center for the Arts, Beeline announced the launch of “Summer Sculpture Garden” educational-creative program. The program is based on the samples of Cafesjian Sculpture Garden and provides a unique chance to present the garden’s sculptures in a museum environment to children and their parents.

In the first part of the program the participants made a tour to Cafesjian Sculpture Garden today and got acquainted with the featured artists and the zodiac sculptures sculpted by them, the materials and the techniques. The second part took place in the center’s Creative hall, where the participants made samples using the materials given to them, and at the end, the participating families were divided into groups and were expected to present their works performing a pantomime. As an assessment, the families handed their zodiac works over to each other.

“As a socially responsible operator, Beeline always comes up with programs changing the life for the better. I am convinced that along with Cafesjian Center for the Arts we will be able to transmit positive emotions and bright impressions to not only children but also their parents making this summer unforgettable and interesting”, said PR Manager at Beeline Tatev Ayrumyan.

No fee is required to take part in “Summer Sculpture Garden” but prior registration is mandatory.