15:22 | 01.07.14 | News | 3473

Mediamax re-launches Adver.am

Mediamax media company re-launched  www.adver.am site  within the events dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the company’s foundation.

Adver.am site was developed as a single advertising platform for the projects of Mediamax internet holding a few years ago.

Now, www.adver.am positions itself as a site covering top advertising news and events in the world. 

Adver.am will also periodically present materials on advertising in Armenia, branding and packaging of Armenian goods. The site will also feature interesting and original design and architectural works. 

As before, you can find detailed information on placing banners in Mediamax internet holding’s projects - the advertisement areas, prices and contract samples of all the sites (Mediamax.am, Banks.am, Bravo.am, Auto.am, Itel.am , Sport.Mediamax.am).

The project’s Facebook page is available on the following link: https://www.facebook.com/adver.am

Adver.am’s team is ready to discuss all the ideas and suggestions on covering interesting design and advertisement works. You can send your offers to marketing@mediamax.am.