10:46 | 10.04.13 | News | 4740

U.S. interested in ArmenTel Armenia-Iran communication channel

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sent a request to VimpelCom (ArmenTel owner) to reveal information on trunk channel between Armenia and Iran, Cnews.ru writes.

The reason for the request was that VimpelCom stocks are quoted on New York Stock Exchange and Iran is considered by the U.S. State Department as a country financing terrorism against which international sanctions are applied.

The trunk channel which is one of the ways of Armenia's connection to the world network is owned by ArmenTel.

In its reply, VimpelCom confirmed that ArmenTel has trunk channel with the state Telecommunications Company of Iran. Apart from the traffic exchange between the two countries, now the talks are held for TCI to have an opportunity to exchange traffic with other countries of the world through ArmenTel network. Last year, ArmenTel earned USD720 thousand in the contracts with the TCI and the company's net profit made USD600 thousand.

The company stressed that VimpelCom doesn't have a representation in Iran, doesn't own any assets and doesn't supply any equipment and technique there. Finally, VimpelCom is not an American company and that's why U.S. sanctions are not applicable to it.

Iran-Armenia trunk channel is also owned by GNC Alfa purchased by "Rostelecom" last year. But "Rostelecom" held a delisting on New York Stock Exchange last year and that's why the correspondence with the SEC on the issue won't touch the operator.