15:00 | 20.02.12 | News | 3942

Ucom offers to watch the Oscar nominee movies and win prizes

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Ucom offers its subscribers to watch the Oscar nominee movies through VoD service in !!Oscar 2012 folder.

The annual Oscar American Film Academy Awards will be held on February 26. Ucom also offers subscribers to guess the winners and win prizes

“To participate in the contest, you should download Oscar 2012 nominee’s list, fill in your name/surname and ID number at the top of the blank. Then fill in the column \"Your version\" with the nominee’s list number, which you think will win. Each correct answer is one point. The participants with the highest points will win. Send your blanks with answers to oscar@ucom.am till 24:00 February 25. The results will be summarized on our facebook page”, - company informs.