14:36 | 07.07.11 | News | 2724

VivaCell-MTS launched Mobile-Health Solution pilot program based on Ericsson technology

Yerevan/Mediamax/. VivaCell-MTS and Yerevan State Medical University presented today Mobile-Health Solution pilot program, based on Ericsson’s wireless M-Health technology.

The technology aims at establishing new improved means for providing for healthcare services’ availability. M-Health solution is applied with the use of mobile connection devices.

The solution provides the doctor with the chance to establish remote control over the health of the patient, and the patient has the chance to send out information on their health with the help of VivaCell-MTS network, so that the medical employee can carry out analysis of the data by means of special mobile devices.

M-Health system of VivaCell-MTS includes the following devices and equipment: spirometer, a device for measuring blood pressure, pulsometer, as well as special devices, meant for collecting data by means of special sensors (functions on the basis of Bluetooth), with the help of which the data are sent to the medical employee via VivaCell-MTS network.

Mobile-Health Solution was presented within the framework of the 3rd international medical congress. VivaCell-MTS allocated AMD 10mln for carrying it out.