15:40 | 15.12.10 | News | 3231

Orange started exploiting the first base station in Armenia operating exclusively with solar energy

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Orange started exploiting the first base station in Armenia, operating exclusively with solar energy.

The first fully “solar” base station of Armenia has been constructed in the Syunik region, at approximately 3km from Lichk village, not far from the road to Meghri. The station operates exclusively with solar energy, and the system is programmed to keep the station working independently and without supply up to 5 days, in case of fog or snow.

The construction of the “solar” station is the result of cooperation of Orange with French Tenesol Company.

Orange solar project has been launched in 2007 in Senegal, under the supervision of Jean-Marie Garcia, the actual CTO of Orange Armenia. Since then, this solution has been implemented in 13 countries within the group’s footprint: 900 solar base stations are already built.

Jean-Marie Garcia, Orange Armenia CTO, said: “Boosting of use of renewable energy sources is one of the prior directions of corporate social responsibility strategy of the Orange Group in the world. This base station is a combination of the most modern telecommunication technologies and solar technologies and is the first base station in Armenia completely independent from other energy sources”.