11:26 | 12.10.10 | News | 3300

Ericsson expands Beeline infrastructure for rendering broadband access services

Yerevan/Mediamax/. “ArmenTel” (Beeline trademark) concluded a contract with Ericsson on broadening its infrastructure for rendering broadband access services.

According to the terms of the agreement, Ericsson will also supply solutions for implementation of convergent services on the basis of broadband access, Mediamax was informed in the press service of “ArmenTel” today.

“ArmenTel” has already provided fast internet access to over 50 thousand families and expansion of the network will allow the company maintaining dynamic speeds of growth and offering services of internet access to a greater number of subscribers. The company considers introduction of broadband access networks among key priorities of development in the market of wired connection services.

“Due to expansion of the network infrastructure on the basis of DSLAM solution from Ericsson (MSAN EDA 2530), the residents of Armenia will be able to fully enjoy the advantages of high speed internet access and use a wide range of other informational, entertainment and educational services in the network. The speed of data loading may reach 20-30Mb/sec, which will allow entering the global network fast and comfortably. Basing on the IMS solution from Ericsson, existing in the network, the company may offer subscribers convergent services, combining attractive tariff packages for services of both landline and mobile connection”, “ArmenTel” informed.

“Our company, being a provider of modern connection services for the population and business for many years already, successfully maintains the positions of the largest player in the market of telecommunications. Broadband internet access and convergent services have become the inseparable part of the modern society’s life over the past years, and we are glad to note that Beeline, in cooperation with Ericsson, became a symbol of development of telecommunication industry in Armenia”, “ArmenTel” General Director Igor Klimko stated.