11:42 | 15.09.10 | News | 2676

Innovation is a key to success, “VivaCell-MTS” Head is sure

Yerevan/Mediamax/. General Manager of “VivaCell-MTS” Ralph Yirikian is sure that “innovation is a key to success”.

Mediamax was informed in the press service of the mobile operator that the head of “VivaCell-MTS” said this at his meeting with students of Yerevan secondary school after Smbat Byurat.

During the “Business with a Mission” lecture the pupils were presented with the strategy of successful business development. Examples from VivaCell-MTS business model were put in the hands of the students with particular emphasis on the technical development of the quality 3.5G network which is now indisputably the widest in terms of reach covering more than 650 towns and villages in the country.

Ralph Yirikian also spoke about marketing strategy and measures against the financial crisis. Special section of the presentation focused on the concept of Corporate Responsibility, which is the main business approach in “VivaCell-MTS” activity strategy.

“Innovation is your key to succeed and you have to be happy with opportunity given to you to study and work in your Homeland, in your national state.  Change yourself, develop your personal skills, make productive use of your time, don’t give up, volunteer wherever you cannot find employment – your hobbies, enthusiasm, interests and social activities should serve as the best career guidance for you,” advised Ralph Yirikian the students.