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ADC invites ArmenTel to conduct a debate

Itel.am presents the statement of ADC company.

Recent emotional statement of General Director of ArmenTel Mr. Klimko, publicized on the website of one of the agencies, on Friday 25/12/2009, confirms that Mr. Klimko still did not understand the most important thing: ADC has no obligation to ArmenTel in terms of mirroring international resources.

Nevertheless, assuming that the Mr. Klimko is in unintentional confusion, and being interested in the awareness of market participants and the public, ADC is committed to provide all interested parties a comprehensive technical explanation with illustrations.

Let us mention that ADC does not limit the bandwidth of the exchange channel between the networks of our companies. The service of mirroring international resources was simply turned off at the time of the work to re-equipment the network of ADC. Switching off the mirroring resources has been made in the best interests of the other operators, otherwise the users of these operators would experience inconvenience because of periodic interruptions of access to mirroring resources during the re-equipment period.

Switching off the mirroring resources in no way limits access to resources by users of any operator, since in the absence of mirrors the original resources become available through international channels of communication of the operator.

The first illustration shows the situation before the 16th December this year.

As it is clear from the illustration, that ArmenTel users had access to the mirroring resources through the exchange channel of communication between networks of ADC and ArmenTel. The bandwidth of the exchange channel is 100Mb/s, utilization of the same channel at the time was 97 Mb/s. As it is obvious from the illustration, users of ArmenTel used mirroring resources.

The following illustration shows the situation after switching off the mirroring.

It is also quite clear from the second illustration, that after the switching off the mirroring resources, the same users were automatically redirected to the main resources available in the Internet. This access to the resources is already provided by international communication channels of ArmenTel, to which our company has nothing to do. As it is clearly visible in the same illustration, the bandwidth of the exchange channel between our two companies still is 100Mb/s but utilization is already 4Mb/s, which is quite natural, since users of ArmenTel were no longer using mirroring resource and thus do not load exchange channel.

We consider it necessary with regards to the statement of Mr. Klimko, where he says - «ADC in fact recognized that the bandwidth of the exchange channel between our two companies was limited, as I said at the press conference. Moreover, we have shown in the chart, how it happened, so it is impossible to deny that», to re-reiterate that this has nothing to do with reality and may be justified in the best case that the Director of ArmenTel was incorrectly informed by his own staff. There is a fundamental difference between the limited bandwidth of the exchange channel and natural decrease of the load of exchange channel. If the General Director of ArmenTel at the press conference shows to the journalists the decrease of the exchange channel, it does not mean that the bandwidth of the channel was limited. He is either very misled, or attempts to mislead the public.

The question remains: why users of ArmenTel had difficulties in accessing main resources through international communication channels of ArmenTel?

With the continuing interest of the public we announce that works to refurbish a network are finished and service of mirroring international resources as of yesterday has been activated, so if he ArmenTel not limited the bandwidth of the exchange channel, then load exchange channel will naturally increase and reach its maximum already during the second half of the day.

P.S. Despite the fact that the above material was successfully tested from the number of target audiences including housewives, ADC as a socially responsible company that cares about its reputation, declares its readiness and invites the Director of ArmenTel at any convenient time to conduct a logical debate on the television to reveal the truth regarding this issue.