13:56 | 04.04.24 | News | 17701

General Director of Ucom participated in Doing Digital Forum 2024

General Director of Ucom, Ralph Yirikian, participated in the annual international Doing Digital Forum 2024 (DDF), held under the theme of "Embracing Opportunities."

The Doing Digital Forum caters to all digital transformation enthusiasts and advocates for the advancement of the digital economy.

This year's forum featured esteemed international speakers and leading experts, including renowned futurist and author of several bestselling books (Bank 2.0, Bank 3.0, Breaking Banks, Bank 4.0, The Rise of Technosocialism), Brett King, who led the keynote session.

Ralph Yirikian was a part of a panel discussion focused on digital transformation and its applications in business, education, and management.

“Today, digital transformation is imperative across all sectors. It has the potential to enhance processes, making them more efficient, rapid, and of higher quality. However, it's crucial to ensure that everyone within an organization comprehends the significance of the transformation process, as otherwise, the full potential of digital solutions won’t be used," stated Ralph Yirikian, General Director of Ucom.

“This year, the Doing Digital forum underscored the opportunities and innovations introduced by technologies and digital solutions in government, finance, and the economy. Our objective was to align the efforts of various stakeholders in the digital economy to position Armenia as a regional hub for financial technologies and digital businesses,” said the founder of the Doing Digital platform Tatevik Simonyan.

DDF24 featured over 20 speakers from around the globe, including representatives from the Central Bank of Armenia, the Information Systems Agency of Armenia, the Singapore University of Social Sciences, as well as companies such as Visa, Deloitte, ICDT Global, Moven, Just Better, People Growth Organization, SPRING PR, Ameriabank, ArCa, Ucom, Balchug Capital, Apricot Capital, Fastex, Ucraft, and Hoory. The event was organized by SPRING PR.