17:14 | 21.12.23 | News | 19618

Ucom's fixed network is already available in Sevan

The fastest home internet from Ucom is now a reality in Sevan. Ucom is dedicated to delivering quality communication services and has made significant investments to ensure the availability of the fixed network in the city of Sevan.

"The city of Sevan is the latest location where we've introduced a fixed connection, and for this expansion, we meticulously considered all the details. Ensuring the satisfaction of our subscribers remains our top priority. We are committed to further expanding our network and reaching new areas. Our fellow citizens in Sevan can now celebrate the New Year in a warm, enjoyable family atmosphere," stated Ralph Yirikian, Ucom General Director.

Sevan residents can benefit from a special offer – the Unity 9000 regional package, available at 8,000 AMD instead of 9,000 AMD.  Additionally, by subscribing to the Unity 9000 regional package by February 29, 2024, residents of Sevan will enjoy the package's services for free for three months. The installation of a fixed Internet connection, whether in apartments or private houses, is completed within just 3 working days.

As part of the launch event, Ucom General Director pleasantly surprised Robert Gevorgyan, a resident of Sevan, who visited the store to subscribe to the Unity 9000 package. He was gifted with a Samsung Galaxy A14 phone.

Ucom General Director visited the apartment of Heghine Safaryan, a Sevan resident and educator, who was the first to subscribe to the package. She received the special opportunity to use it for free for six months.

"This offer was unexpected for me. I visited the Ucom store in our city to subscribe to home internet services, as my son wants to become a programmer and needs fast internet. The offer presented by the store personnel was very convenient, and I immediately agreed. I am sure that it is a wonderful New Year's gift for our family from Ucom," said Heghine Safaryan.

We invite everyone to explore all of Ucom's Unity packages through the following link.