The “Viva University” 2-month internship program has completed successfully and the group of 22 graduates backed by much professional experience and practical skills in the fields of IT, sales and customer support is now ready to enter the job market to achieve high results. The graduates have received certificates.

For 8 years now, Viva-MTS offers students from various universities a chance of self-improvement. As the leading telecommunications operator, the Company prioritizes not just the ongoing growth of the staff but equally the sharing of the expertise with students. The willingness to do so is a significant investment in fostering stronger employee-employer relationships.

“Choosing a career path is a decision for lifetime. However, this decision is half the battle: the modern world demands continuous development, and this condition makes it extremely important to continue education outside formal educational institutions. Practical application of skills, exploring options for their utilization, cross-functional connections, and awareness of the importance of customer (internal and external) are necessary, essential, and indispensable stages of development. The modern world demands continuous development, and this condition makes it extremely important to continue education outside educational institutions. Demands and approaches to meet them are constantly evolving. To secure a strong position in the job market, to constantly grow and to succeed, all the previously mentioned should be taken into account. My work experience has let run into a conclusion that there are two groups of people: the first one consists of those who do not utilize the existing opportunities, and the second one includes those, who not only make use of them but create new ones as well. I do hope the students, we have recently shared our 18-years’ experience with, will opt for the second group regardless of their future workplace,” Viva-MTS General Director Armen Avetisian said.

Students of the sales and customer support stream completed their internships at various Viva-MTS service centers including those in marzes. During the internship, they developed effective communication skills, were introduced the Company’s products and services, as well as the marketing tools and techniques. Viva-MTS provided graduates with the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of collaboration and the significance of teamwork in real-world situations.

Students of the IT stream learned to work with data collection, processing, and database management tools with the support and advice of individual mentors. The tasks were performed using the Microsoft SQL Server toolkit. They got acquainted with the methods and tools used in the field of geographic location by downloading various web maps using the Python programming language.

Students deepened their skills in parallel and asynchronous programming in the C# (C-Sharp) language, and learned web programming with ASP.NET technology. Support tools such as operating system installation and cable management were also introduced.

“Viva University” graduates came up with their ideas on further development of the telecommunications sector.