15:57 | 25.04.23 | News | 6876

Electric fences program introduced in region of Ararat

In order to protect the farms, Viva-MTS and the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) provided electric fences with the modern technology to the enlarged community of Vedi, region of Ararat.

“Viva-MTS is a technological leader in the sphere of telecommunications. The “Electrical fences” program provides mutual protection. Protecting wild animals, farmers also protect themselves from attacks from the same animals. The idea of this joint program has not only provided farms with some kind of objective tools, but we can also say that we are trying to contribute to the development of agricultural culture,” Viva-MTS General Director Armen Avetisyan said.

The electric fences are suitable for flexible use for beekeepers on the move throughout the year and farmers traveling to remote pasture: it’s easy to transport, provides local application, works with high voltage, but with low power (amperage). This assures that animals will stay physically safe and will not get harmed.

Farmers using these electric fences can also fence an area of 7500 m2 in 10-15 minutes. The system consists of a solar panel, a micro-converter, a storage battery, a generator and a 300 linear meter fence that can be quickly assembled and disassembled.