17:00 | 23.03.23 | News | 9347

Viva-MTS supports an improvement of the family and child’s quality of life

The quality of life of the family and the child has significantly improved thanks to the collaboration between Viva-MTS and the “SOURCE” Foundation

Due to life circumstances, the young mother of four, has long given up her profession. Smbat, one of her kids, took all her attention. The boy is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and needs the support of an individual assistant who has the necessary knowledge and skills.

As a result of the targeted support and the individual assistant assigned to the family, in just 15-hour weekly work of the four-month long intended assistance, Smbat has already improved his motor skills and memory, and has grown desire to integrate with the surrounding world. The child enjoys communicating and learning, and attends school with his personal assistant as part of inclusive education.

During the last year, 20 families living in different regions have benefited from the support of individual assistants and have recorded considerable success.

For over seven years now, Viva-MTS and the “SOURCE” Foundation have been sparing no effort to support families in this target group.

The personal assistance helps solve issues of socialization, development of self-support skills and shaping healthy mindset, as well as problems that require specialized knowledge; the assistance is of great help for families, too, as mothers of these type of kids get a chance of self-expression and employment.

Individual assistants providing professional support to children with special needs dramatically change the situations in the families with these kids.

“It was important for us to expand the geography of individual assistant support and reach regions. An expert multidisciplinary team organizes the selection of individual assistants, training, work supervision, contact with parents, discussions, and writing of individual development and care plans for each child,” Marina Parazyan, the Founding Director of the “Source” Foundation said.