16:08 | 20.12.22 | News | 9413

Free dental pilot program implemented in the borderland village of Chinari

A free dental pilot program is being implemented in the borderland village of Chinari, Tavush region, as a result of the partnership between Viva-MTS and the charitable foundation “Athena”.

The program allows Chinari’s people to receive treatment with maximum efficiency. Having an X-ray examination and getting diagnosed right there, while seated on the medical chair, without the need to travel from the village to the regional center are now available in the village. In addition to providing services to urgent cases, treatment, sealing, prosthetics are available, as well.

Viva-MTS reports that 65 patients with various problems have already received the services. 60 registered villagers are still waiting for their turn to receive support. Medical volunteers initiated a dental care course among school children in Chinari.

The free pilot dental program, which has been running for about three months, will close at the end of the year.