17:52 | 20.12.21 | News | 5870

Viva-MTS continues to support the International Child Development Center

For 14 years, Viva-MTS has been supporting the International Child Development Center (ICDC) in helping children with autism. Viva-MTS programs implemented within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility enable the partner organization to more effectively fulfill the center's mission of providing children with autism with the latest effective therapeutic services, good learning conditions, develop children's independence and improve the quality of life of their families.

Considering the communication problems of this group of society, Viva-MTS has become the main sponsor of children attending the center. During the 2007-2021 cooperation, the company provided more than AMD 189 million within the framework of the principles of applied behavioral analysis program for the provision of special rehabilitation therapy for children with autism.

The International Center for Child Development, with the support of its general partner Viva-MTS, has been implementing an inclusive education model since 2010 at Yerevan basic school №126 named after Morgenthau.

Since March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the school switched to remote work. With the support of Viva-MTS, in an emergency situation, the center managed to reorganize its activities and carry out extremely difficult and incredible work. It took a lot of effort to advise parents under the direct supervision of specialists, to guide them through video calls and to get results in the behavior of each child.

On the platform of remote work, as far as possible, online monitoring of children's behavior was carried out, and individual instructions were given. Training courses were held for both professionals and parents.

“The task of the specialists in this center is complex and responsible. The epidemic set a milestone for all of us to overcome. The features of remote work required new skills and it was difficult to imagine how a specialist would be able to provide immediate assistance to the children of the center without direct or instrumental intervention. But we believed in our partners for years, and we stayed by their side. I am glad to announce that this has yielded results,” Viva-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said.

In 2020, 82 children were enrolled in the program, 20 of whom took part in the early intervention program implemented at home. The rest of the work was carried out in the center and within the framework of inclusive education. 14 children were from Artsakh. This year 55 children are included in the program.

Autism is a global health crisis that has no boundaries: it does not recognize nationality, ethnicity or social status. It is high time the world began to recognize this problem, to act both internationally and at the grassroots level to improve the lives of those people and families who are directly involved in this problem.

Autism is now recognized as a common developmental disorder that affects children.