12:35 | 01.11.21 | News | 25691

BigStory VC venture fund created

Co-founder and CEO of Krisp company Davit Baghdasaryan announced today about the establishment of BigStory VC venture fund.

He said that the other founders of BigStory VC are the Co-founder and President of Krisp Artavazd Minasyan and Podcastle AI CEO and founder Arto Yeritsyan.

“BigStory VC plans to invest $10 million in about 24 Armenian startups within 2 years. We plan to help the new Armenian startups with our experience, knowledge and ties gained during the past 5 years and accelerate their growth,” said Davit Baghdasaryan.

“A boom of startups is expected in Armenia in the next 10 years. BigStory, in collaboration with other Armenian venture funds, will give the startups an opportunity to close larger rounds in Armenia. We are grateful to our friends who invested money for the fund,” noted Davit Baghdasaryan.