10:43 | 08.09.21 | News | 5614

EasyDMARC opens new office in Yerevan

EasyDMARC announces the opening of its new office in Yerevan, Armenia.

“As one of the fastest-growing email domain security providers in the world, EasyDMARC's goal is to provide the world's largest DMARC ecosystem. The company is committed to ensuring businesses’ security in cyberspace. The solution prevents companies from falling victim to data leakage and financial loss through email phishing attacks and unauthorized use of domains. EasyDMARC ultimately provides peace of mind, enabling its clients to focus on achieving their business objectives, rather than dealing with worries and concerns associated with security”, the company said in a press release.

“We are more than happy to offer our employees world-class office space where they spend most of their working hours,” said co-founder and CEO, Gerasim Hovhannisyan. “We have moved to a spacious and comfortable office that will inspire them to continue serving their mission to empower businesses to improve their cybersecurity posture issues.”

photo © EasyDMARC

"Just like someone is happy to be home, we want our employees to be happy when they are at work. I think we accomplished that goal!" says Avag Arakelyan, co-founder and CTO of

"We are establishing our presence in Armenia, Americas, and Europe for the moment so we can be closer to companies that we serve and further strengthen our service capabilities in the fast-growing markets worldwide," says Gerasim Hovhannisyan, "We are seeing exponential demand in securing businesses in cyberspace."