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Eugene Goland: DataArt and SFL merger is from 2+2=5 series

Last week it was announced that DataArt global software engineering firm has acquired SFL, Armenia-based software development company. After the deal was signed, Itel.am spoke with the President of DataArt company Eugene Goland, head of DataArt Armenia Arsen Baghdasaryan and CEO of SFL company Arsen Gevorgyan.

Merger with 2+2=5 principle

DataArt is acquiring a very important strategic position in Armenia by merging with the SFL team, Eugene Goland, President of DataArt, said.

“For us this merger is from 2+2=5 series. Armenia is a very interesting market from the IT talent viewpoint, and SFL is among the leaders in the market. This company has brilliant clients, a brilliant team, right principles and compatible culture with DataArt,” Goland said.

Eugene Goland Eugene Goland
photo © Mediamax

He noted that the Armenian market has a strategic significance for their company. In this regard, DataArt highlights the development of Armenian IT sector closely cooperating with the education sector.

“The demand of IT services not only grows but accelerates. The work with growing staff, universities is one of the key directions of development,” Eugene Goland said.

One slogan, one team

“We are working with very close slogans and principles,” DataArt Vice-President, head of Armenia and Georgia business cluster Arsen Baghdasaryan said.

Arsen Baghdasaryan Arsen Baghdasaryan
photo © Mediamax

“Operating in the Armenian market for 15 years, SFL has a culture very close to DataArt with human relations being in the core of it. “People first”, this is our slogan, SFL works with a one very close to ours, with a bit other formulation. From now on, there is no any difference, we are one team, we are DataArt Armenia,” Arsen Baghdasaryan said.

Building the biggest center by combining powers

Combining the potential of DataArt and SFL creates an opportunity to build the largest service provider center in Yerevan, CEO of SFL Arsen Gevorgyan said.

“The access to DataArt resources and large and interesting projects, as well as combining the SFL’s engineering potential will give good results,” he noted.

Arsen Gevorgyan Arsen Gevorgyan
photo © Mediamax

Arsen Gevorgyan said the market has undergone changes following the coronavirus pandemic and this consolidation gives an opportunity to correspond to the trends of the changed market, provide faster and better services to the clients.

“We believe that this merger is a big success. It is an important assessment that such a large global organization is interested in our company, our quality, working culture. I am thankful to the whole SFL team, this success is the result of the work of the team,” Arsen Gevorgyan said.

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