16:59 | 25.08.21 | News | 8879

Digitain Launches Tech-Focused Tuition-free Educational Program

Digitain, one of the largest IT Companies in Armenia has announced the opening of the DownTown Academy - tuition-free academy for tech enthusiasts.

The DownTown Academy aims to create a pipeline and attract a more diverse, inventive and motivated tech talent pool to the local tech ecosystem and upward free tech training and job placement in Armenia.

The DownTown Academy provides an innovative curriculum with an emphasis on computer languages and technology for all the interested applicants with no age limitations. The curriculum was designed and led by Digitain’s top-notch software developers and talent development specialists.

The DownTown Academy already attracted more than 3000+ applicants in the following training categories: Javascript Beginner & Advanced levels, C# - Beginner & Advanced levels. With its two-stage assessment and interview process, groups of novice tech individuals already began their free of charge tech training and apprenticeship at the academy.

“Digitain is excited to support DigiTown’s expansion with its tuition-free academy. Digitain’s mission in the frameworks of DigiTown is to improve the diversity of our tech workforce, break the outdated models of hiring and establish new practices for tech education.” said Tatevik Smbatyan, Coordinator of DownTown Academy and Onboarding and Talent Development Team Lead at Digitain. “We hope our tech educational program will open more doors to digital careers and we will be the first one to offer jobs and internship opportunities to the brightest minds to work at Digitain.”

With a new wave of developers, Digitain aims to lay a solid groundwork of new opportunities for young people in Yerevan and across Armenia. Launching an educational program is only the first step towards accomplishing Digitain’s ultimate mission.

Opening of the DownTown Academy, said Mariam Pashinyan - Open Innovation and Marketing Hub Manager - was initiated to not only find talents and provide jobs but also create opportunities for young masterminds to generate more innovative ideas.

“Digitain chose to open DownTown Academy after evaluating the IT job market and the tech skills gap. With DownTown Academy we want to create a smooth pathway and make careers in technology more accessible.” concluded Mariam in her speech.

The DownTown Academy will offer after-work, top-notch lecture rooms filled with latest technology and necessary equipment to ensure all the students have an inspiring and comfortable learning environment to advance their knowledge and skills.

The sessions will be carried on regular bases and all the interested candidates can follow Digitain Armenia’s social media updates to stay in the know.