12:31 | 24.12.20 | News | 60059

Ucom offers online credit sales

For several days now, it has been possible to buy the smartphone or gadget of choice in credit from the Ucom online shop, through taking an online loan without leaving home.

It is possible to take an online loan for any smartphone, gadget, hoverboard, smart home equipment or any accessory starting from 30 000 AMD.

Similar to the terms of a regular Ucom sales and service center, citizens of the Republic of Armenia, aged 21-60 years old are eligible to apply for a loan at the Ucom online shop. Before applying for a loan, an online inquiry is sent, with the verification of personal data, after which the banking system approves or rejects the loan within seconds.

Let us add that the online credit request is processed through "Unibank" OJSC, moreover, with the same conditions, as though applied while visiting a Ucom sales and service center personally.